Tutorials for VMuikit

Please note that some of these tutorials is not using the latest VMuikit. There have been some minor changes here and there. But the videos are still very useful.

What's new in VMuikit

This video explains some of the new stuff we added to VMuikit 3.

Full installation tutorial

This video explains the complete and full installation process of Joomla, Virtuemart, YOOtheme template and VMuikit 3.

Tips for the Onepage Checkout

This video explains all features of the One Page Checkout that is inside the VMuikit package. This is version 3.0.5. If you dont have all he feature that is in this video. You will need to upgrade to 3.0.5+

Manage countries in Virtuemart 3

This is a video tutorial of some tips & trix on how to setup your Virtuemart 3 webshop with countries

How to install/setup Klarna Checkout in Virtuemart 3

Here is a video on how to install the Klarna Checkout Enhanced payment method for Virtuemart 3

Some basic core UIkit features

This video tutorial shows some of the basic core features of the UIkit framework

How to install VMuikit

How to install the 3.1.x version! Important watch!

How to upgrade VMuikit

How to upgrade tutorial. It's simple, don't worry!

How to override files in VMuikit

How to override files so that you can update VMuikit easily.

How to use the Mega Menu in VMuikit

Version 3.1.1 includes a very nice menu item that that shows all categories in Virtuemart.

How to add "Badges" to products

Add Badges like "NEW", "ON SALE", "DISCOUNTED" or whatever you like. Watch this video for instructions.

SEO and Facebook helper functions in VMuikit

We added functions to automatically add META keywords to all you products in Virtuemart. We also added Open Grap support for great Facebook sharing.

Latest News from JoomlaPro.com

Joomla BankID secure login for Sweden

Today we release our new Joomla plugin that integrated the security function BankID (available in Sweden) to secure your Joomla website only to specific "Personal Identity Numbers"...

New e-mail and invoice layout for VirtueMart

Today we released a new extension for VirtueMart. It’s a simple plugin that overrides the confirmation email and PDF invoice layouts with new once. ...

We welcome VMuikit to its new home!

VMuikit have been in the making for over 3 years and seen lots of updates since then. Quite recently it got support for the new YOOtheme PRO (UIKit3) templates which adds a new exc...

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