shipment and payment cannot be changed

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shipment and payment cannot be changed #2731
Hi ... just updated from VMuikit 2.0.14 to latest VMuikit 3.0.5. (Joomla 3.4.3 & VM 3.0.8 (updated))
Now - I have 3 payment, 2 shipping options - it shows one, but I cannot change either in the cart.
Settings should be correct, only using the virtuemart JQuery - I even tried the JQuery Plugin with proposed setting to of 1.11 (sub 1) and for fun 2.0 (sub 1) ... but both throw an error when turned on (updateVirtueMartCartModule", function(e) {) ... so I turned JQuery easy off again. Once turned off, firebug is clear.
Once I am in the cart and try to click on "change" to choose a different shipping/payment ... it just jumps to the top of the page. Also, a list would be preferable instead of a one option (click change) since it always user friendlier to show the options before hand.
Any idea what´s wrong here ? thanks s.

Edit: In addition, looks like prices are not updating when quantity is updated ... above error (updateVirtueMartCartModule) seems to be a .JS deprecated in jQuery 1.7 and removed in 1.9. I find that specific script in components/com_virtuemart/assets/js/vmprices.js and in modules/mod_virtuemart_cart/mod_virtuemart_cart.php and modules/mod_virtuemart_cart/assets/js/update_cart.js.

So ... I´m just wondering, shouldn´t your overwrite just take care of that (mod_virtuemart_cart) ? or do I need to update those above manually ? ... damn, little bit lost ... since both are standard folder comming with virtuemart, correct ?

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shipment and payment cannot be changed #2743
We already fixed this issue last week, and updated into package in same version.
Please use it. if its not working yet, please post your site url. we will check there is any jquery conflict.

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