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iFrame problem on iPad in landscape mode

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iFrame problem on iPad in landscape mode #4455
Follow these steps to solve the problem when iframes are not responding to touch on iPad in landscape mode (Klarna Checkout, Press play on YouTube clips, entering text in dialogues, press buttons etc).

As an example for the Shopping Cart / Checkout Klarna

Create a menu item (Call it as you please, ”Shopping-Cart” or in Swedish ”kundvagn-kassa”)
Select the Menu Item Type: Shopping Cart
Link will by default becomes something like: index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=cart

If you don’t want the menu published anywhere on the site, on the right hand in menu editor choose a hidden menu, ghost menu or whatever you call it in your admin. (If you don’t have this menu yet, google and learn how to do it. It’s very simple.)
Then save. Nothing more here to do.

Now, go to Extensions -> Modules -> and find the module: ”VM - Search in Shop. Click on it. Click the tab assignment. Under Menu Items, look for the menu you put the menu item you created as above and exclude it.

Now you won’t have any ”Search box” on the checkout page, but the problem with none clickable/editable fields when an iPad is in horizontal view, will be gone. After all, one don’t really need a search feature in the checkout.

I have the "Advanced Menu Manager" plugin installed and perhaps the step for excluding a menu item from certain pages could be different without it. But it’s probably possible any way.
I hope this helps. It took me 6 months before I got this through my thick skull.
Good Luck.

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