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The most common thing we do when we try to get as good a mobile experience as possible is that we build the web page on a good framework for this. There are several to Joomla and we have experience in most. We can really recommend UIkit from German YOOtheme (YOOTheme PRO is their latest addition to which we build most). By building on one of these (if you do it right) you get a fully responsive design that dynamically adapts to how wide the browser is. This means it adapts to how you keep your smartphone or tablet. Portrait or landscape gives different widths and directly adjusts the web page to take full advantage.

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Well-made responsive web pages

With a mobile-adapted webpage, you make sure it's neat and easy to navigate between the pages on a mobile phone. It is also important to customize contact forms and link phone numbers to facilitate even more for visitors using smartphones.

There are two ways to solve the ease of use in a smartphone; repsonsiv design or mobile design. In a responsive template, the content automatically adjusts to the width of the browser. For example, 3 columns - 1 column. At a so-called mobile-custom template, a completely independent stand-alone design is built for just smartphones (and older surfboards). The content is still retrieved directly from the database but another layout and menu is loaded when the webpage feels that it is a mobile device used by the visitor.

Different frameworks

Our mobile web pages are based on the latest frames that make your entire website feel like an "app". The frames are continuously updated and improvements are made all the time, which means that your mobile phone customization will improve and get faster as it will continue.
Web pages built with Bootstrap


Bootstrap is undoubtedly the most widely used framework. Joomla's backend is based on it. Developed by Twitter for use on their web and in their backend.

Web pages built with UIkit


One of our favorite framework as it is extremely fast to develop with. Many of our projects have been made in this framework.

Web sites built with Materialize


With much experience in user interfaces, the team behind Materialize has created more than one framework, almost as a philosophy about how the web should "work".

Web sites built with Foundation / Zurb


A highly advanced and well-framed framework that is updated at a very high rate.

Web pages built with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3

With knowledge of how to build good responsive code, you do not need to build on a framework. With HTML5 and CSS3 you can build all that's needed.
Websites built with JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile is a tool for creating very "app-like" web pages. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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