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Ecommerce with Joomla!® CMS

Joomla! ® CMS has lots of add-ons for building an e-commerce or product catalog. Depending on the level of ambition, there are several components to choose from. But to really understand the advantages and possibilities of building e-commerce on Joomla CMS, you have to understand the disadvantages of other systems ...
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Build e-commerce with Joomla

... For example, looking at Magento or Prestashop (two popular e-commerce tools), these are all focused on just e-commerce. If you also want a system that manages the web page "around" e-commerce, the functions are limited. When it comes to building easy-to-use campaign pages, pages, blogs, document management (product manuals), media files, support systems, multi-language support, and much more, most e-commerce platforms are limited. Here comes Joomla's strength, and by utilizing this and connecting to an e-commerce component, you get the best of both of these worlds. This gives you a complete solution without expensive additional costs to specially develop quite simple features.

Then you might think that the components of e-commerce is limited to Joomla? No not at all! There are several to choose from and the most established 10 has been around for years now and developed steadily since. Webshops with hundreds of thousands of products at full international sales are as references.

Links to all the major business systems such as Visma, Fortnox and Pyramid are available. Likewise, there are links to all the usual freight companies.

Important integrations and connections:

Payson to Joomla CMS

Payson Checkout

Increase the conversion and save time with the smooth order management. Your customers easily choose from the payment methods internet banking, card payment, partial payment and invoice - which can now be paid with Swish. Everything is included when you become a customer with us.

Easy shipping for your webshop

We have features to integrate Unifaun's freight system to facilitate all your deliveries. Unifaun Online is the only system you need to connect with your carriers, warehouses, customers and others. Everybody gets the information they need
Klarna Checkout API 3 for VirtueMart / Joomla

Klarna Checkout

We were one of the first companies to start developing a payment method for the Klarna Checkout API. We have since developed and followed their updates and recently updated to their senaster v4.0 API. Klarna has become a standard for webshops in Sweden and now its popularity begins to spread throughout the world.

Visma connection Joomla / VirtueMart

Visma - Business system

Integration for easy management and administration from your e-commerce to Visma. Synchronize all customers and orders directly into Visma Administration. Visma has several different solutions, so if you wonder if it works for just Vismaversion.

Fortnox connection Joomla / VirteuMart

Fortnox Accounting

Sweden leader in web-based accounting and invoicing. Get a link / integration directly with Fortnox Accounting and Invoicing with your Joomla website.

Save time and avoid duplication! Collect all your administration in one and the same system using our completed integrations.

Pyramid Unique web shop / e-commerce

Pyramid - Business system

Unique is called the company in Lund, which develops Pyramid with all its modules. We have worked with connections to the business system on a number of websites. If you get tired of Pyramid's nice web shop that feels old and tired, then we can feel like a lovely refreshment.

Swish - Sweden's easiest payment

Perhaps Sweden's most used payment method today! The absolute largest majority of Swedes use Swish mint once a week. We can offer all our shop payment with Swish.

Card payment in store (sync with webshop)

With iZettle, you can pay directly at your store. All you need is a smartphone is a tablet. There are also receipts and other necessities for a small to large store. Everything with stock and products fully integrated with our webshops.

Electroneum - Crypto

At JoomlaPro, we cannot help but follow the latest technology trends. Block chains are a new form of technology that makes it possible to increase confidence tremendously on the internet. This means that you can create currencies and financial instruments that are usually called crypto currencies. We support a number of people but the one we worked with the most is Electroneum. We have several integrations to a bunch of different Joomla components.

Electroneum webshop ehandel Sweden

Bring paid with crypto currencies Bitcoin, Electroneum, Litecoin and Ethereum (etc.) in your webshop shop.

Of course, there are lots of different payment methods we can use such as Klarna, Payson Checkout, PayPal and Stripe and many more. We have also developed payment methods to be able to receive the most common ones the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Electroneum, Litecoin and Ethereum. Let us know if there is any specific cryptocurrency you want us to integrate in your web shop. Contact us at

Payson Checkout to Joomla

Safe, fast and secure payment method

Increase the conversion and save time with the smooth order management. Your customers easily choose from the payment methods internet banking, card payment, partial payment and invoice - which can now be paid with Swish. Everything is included when you become a customer with us.

offer your customers easy and secure online payments. IN Payson Checkout all payment methods are included as standard! The customer's most recently chosen payment method is pre-selected for a fast and smooth shopping experience. Below you can read more about the different payment methods. Remember to show off your payment solution - download graphics and logos here to your e-shop.

Download Payson Checkout 2.0 for VirtueMart

Here you can download the payment method plugin for Virtuemart (3.8+) for free. To get a one-step cash register, our One Page Checkout for VirtueMart is required. You will find a free download of this as well.

If you use ours "VMuikit X" then "VirtueMart One Page Checkout" is not needed as VMuikit X comes with its own One Page checkout. VMuikit X supports the Payson Checkout plugin above since version 10.10.

Joomla + VirtueMart + Payson Checkout DEMO

Here you will find a demo shop on our unique e-commerce package for Joomla CMS. Get in touch for more information on 031 38 30 300 or email

  • All payment methods are included

  • Easy and secure payment on the internet

  • Everything integrated in a nice way in your e-shop


Give your customers access to the requested payment option invoice, which provides a fast and smooth shopping experience. In connection with you sending the goods to the customer, we automatically email out the invoice - which can be paid with Swish.

Online Payment

Paying by card is the most common way of paying online. You do not need to sign your own redemption agreement and your customers can choose to pay directly with Visa or Mastercard in Swedish kronor and euros. Simple and safe.

Part payment

Your customers get the opportunity to pay part of their purchases. Everyone who buys for more than SEK 300 chooses to divide their payment interest-free for 3-12 months! For larger purchases, partial payment is also offered for 24 months.

Internet banking

Paying directly via internet banking is something many consumers prefer as it gives a feeling of extra security. Our connection to secure Trustly offers payment options via both Swedish and European banks.


Our invoices can be paid with the Swish mobile payment method, and with our app, your customers can see and manage their invoices directly in the mobile phone. Swish means that invoices can be paid for with just a few clicks!

Other features we developed for e-commerce are:

  • Intelligent search features (so your customers always find what they're looking for in your shop)
  • Connections to business systems (Visma, Pyramid, Fortnox and others)

  • Links to freight companies (PostNord / Unifaun /

  • Advanced e-commerce links to AcyMailing, Mailchimp and reMarkety
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