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Something that is constantly reminded of when working with web sites is how important the server is for a successful project. Many times we have stood with a well-worked web page and tried to "kick it" on an old, badly configured and generally tired server without success. This could drive us crazy. Over the years, the projects have grown and grown, and we have spent more time and effort in developing fast, stable and powerful servers. Experience and curiosity has given us a lot of knowledge on the subject and we have many references.

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How powerful server do you need?

Today we manage and maintain server installations for lots of customers. Everything from small simple websites to e-commerce and intranet. Our combination of software and recipes have been found to provide the best sidvisningstiderna market. We work primarily with Linux, PHP and MySQL based code. Our optimizations are therefore directed to systems like Drupal, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress for example (all PHP based).

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We help you choose and make sure that you get the most for your money.

Web hosting

With our fast web hosting, you have exactly what you need in terms of performance, email and storage at your disposal.

Virtual Personal Server

Your own server that can be configured exactly as you wish and is in the Cloud on a large server.

Dedicated server

With your own server, you will get the best possible performance and it can be optimized with exactly the functions your web solution requires.
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