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06 October 2016

Joomla 3.7 perhaps the best update in a long time?

Joomla 3.7 perhaps the best update in a long time?

It worked very much with Joomla 3.7 right now and many new features have already presented.

Perhaps the biggest and most awaited update is Custom fields (Custom Fields) that makes it possible to build more types of content to articles and pages. One can simply create more parameters and fields that can be inserted into the page in many different ways and give developers great freedom to build more functional content and features. This has previously had to rely on additional components such as SeBlod or zoo. But now we get this in the Joomla core. Some of the custom fields that you will use are:

  • Calendar
  • Captcha
  • Checkboxes
  • Color
  • Editor
  • E-mail
  • Image
  • Integer
  • List
  • Media
  • Article
  • RadioButtons
  • SQL
  • Telephone
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Timezone
  • URL
  • User
  • User Group
  • Yes or No



Another novelty is that the Administration-interface will get a facelift and modernization through a "flatter" appearance and other cleanups.

Jooml ISIS Admin flat design



Customize the text editor in different sets. For example, perhaps you want them to write articles and content from the frontend will not be able to modify as much as the administrator roles that work more in the backend. Now you can set different "sets" of TinyMCE and give these sets to various access groups.



It will be easier to create articles and menus. Previously it was necessary to do everything in the right order, which could be very frustrating if you missed a step. Now is the workflow more flexible in Joomla and you can create a new article and the time that you create a menu, or when you create a new category.



A new modern and attractive "pickers" comes with Joomla 3.7. The former has been around a long time in Joomla and this new look very much fresher and easier to use out.

Joomla 3.7 DatePicker


This is only a very small part of what comes in 3.7. There have been hundreds of improvements and fixes. Cache has seen a raised and code has been cleaned up and optimized a lot with the help of all the "automated testing" which is now available for all those who develop the Joomla 3.7!

Are you a developer and want to help out? Or are you just excited to see what happens (stuff happens daily). Take and track




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