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December 17 2012

Joomla World Conference 2012

Joomla World Conference 2012

JoomlaPro in November was in place when the first World Conference on joomla held in San Jose. Joomlautvecklare and companies from all over the world had taken to Ebay's premises in Silicon Valley ...

Joomla World Conference 2012 - Summary

JoomlaPro in November was in place when the first World Conference on joomla held in San Jose.

Joomlautvecklare and companies from all over the world had taken to Ebay's premises in Silicon Valley to take part in lectures and discussions on future plans for both Joomla and its community.

Here are some notes and points for all conference presentations:

Joomla 3 and the future

Mark Dexter and Kyle Ledbetter gave a presentation on Joomla 3 which is the new version of Joomla and will be the basis for the next few years versions 3.1, 3.2 and 3.5.

Kyle works at eBay and is the person who pressed on the use of Twitter Bootstrap. Read more about this here. Twitter Bootstrap has already been adopted by most major developers of extensions and templates for Joomla and there is a huge difference in the look and feel for normal navigation by Bootstrap.

Kyle went and talked about Joomla 3.1 which now do a lot of typing if all javascript based on jQuery instead of mootools. They will also ensure that there will be more icon-packages and Joomla constantly rolling on the latest Bootstrap when it is still relatively new, and improvements are constant.

After 3.1 3.5 Joomla and which one will work with a new administration feature that makes it possible to manage Web pages and modify its content and structure directly from the front page. It is also now decided that a 3.2 version will be released in order to continue development on the more experimental features that will be included in the Joomla 3.5.

Mark Dexter, which over the years wrote a lot of code for Joomla and is also very active in bug reporting, then continued the presentation by talking about the new generic driver for databases in Joomla 3. The point is to make it easier to run Joomla on other database than MySQL previously been the most common. Already today it is possible to run Joomla 3 on Microsoft SQL and PostgreSQL.

Mark also talked a lot about how to do this if you want to suggest new features or contribute code to the Joomla 3. He also stressed the importance of more help by reporting bugs. In 2012 110 people have worked together to add the 62 745 features and fixed bugs.



Women in Joomlasfären

The proportion of women in the Joomla first world conference was 23%, which is pretty much in the technology world but far from enough. Dianne Henning has written more about this ...


Joomla Extension Directory (JED)

Matthew Baylor from Natural Selection Webdesign ( has taken on a big job in writing and structure of the library of Joomlatillägg. The library is located on and is a part that has become a bit lagged in the recent intensive improvement.

The idea is to make it more equitable grading and improved sorting options and a new layout that Kyle Ledbetter outlined here:

Click to enlarge

Here you can also see the entire preferred:



Some pictures:

What is Klarna Checkout and how does it work?

What is Klarna Checkout and how does it work?

With Klarna Checkout, the customer need only fill in the e-mail address and zip code, and then complete the purchase. The simplicity minimizes the risk that someone cancels a purchase.

More intelligent payment

More intelligent payment

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Minimal administration

Minimal administration

Whether the buyer chooses to pay by invoice, account, bank transfer or cards do you have that traders a single point of contact, one contract and reconciliation file. Easier is not.

For all platforms

For all platforms

Klarna Checkout is prepared for PC, mobile and tablet. Are finished working for, among others VirtueMart Joomla.



There is much to say about the sophisticated safety system behind Klarna Checkout. But the important thing is this: We take all the risk. For both buyers and sellers.


Part 2 coming soon ...

View more presentations on Joomla Youtube:



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