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Må Bra Naturligt

Family business for optimal health!


Må Bra Naturligt is a family business that operated a physical clinic for counseling which over the years was expanded with an online shop and also a portal with blogs and useful recipes. This was spread over a number of different websites and when we received the assignment from them, the idea was that the web shop would be integrated with the blogs and the prescription section, while the clinic, which also has a website, would be on a separate page.

Our services

  • Company Website
  • E-commerce
  • Special development
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Layout

Execution step 1

We started by using their blog and recipe page and switched to a Yootheme template that we customized the layout to. We then migrated all products and used our own component VMuikit to adapt the webshop to the same layout.

We then added more features such as newsletters and a script to generate price files for price hunting. We also highlighted the page with extra SEO settings.

Execution step 2

One problem with time was that the site was built just before the Yootheme pro and its builder function. This meant that there were a lot of modules for a large web portal like this and even for ordinary Joomla users this could get a bit messy. We therefore took and rebuilt the page on a Yootheme pro-template and could then make the administration of the page even easier. At the same time, their old recipe component had stopped getting updates, so we also took the opportunity to replace it with a more modern version.

Extra blog and recipe archive

Må Bra Naturligt is much more than just products in an E-commerce. They provide tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle so more features were needed.

In "Blog" they can write about all possible health tips and advice. They also needed a recipe system where you could easily scale up the ingredients for more people. Take a look at both parts here:



The site has gotten rid of the problems with many modules and instead they can now change the entire home page with the help of the builder. The last update also allowed them to use our new Vmuikit version with special elements for products that allow you to place products, product categories or just a buy button directly in the layout. This way you can more easily decide which products you want to show on a home page and also with a more dynamic layout.

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