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Join us on Joomla Pro's time travel!


The Grand Plan

Grand plans to start up an advertising agency are starting to take shape and our professional concept is being developed. The idea was to have three satellites out in the web space to capture different kinds of searches for web (Joomla Pros), design (Design Pros) and video (Video Pros) instead of gathering everything on one site. Today we work to 90 percent with the web, but our knowledge in design and video has been a great help over the years in most projects.   


Infotainment seen by millions

The year when Joomla Pros officially launched. Through a well-built and seo-customized web page, we quickly reach Google and as a result more and more customers are starting to roll in. Bathroom specialist Frej Johnsson was one of these customers and we worked with all their marketing for several years to come. This year's "claim to fame" was, however, an informational video about Joomla that was made pro bono to the entire Joomla community. The film was a success and was long on the homepage of and received over a million hits on YouTube. The film also made us invited to Joomla's world conference. 


The plugin for obscure Swedish payment solution

Second year and we already started to get a decent customer base. We are building more and more advanced pages and the best decision of the year was probably to invest in developing a payment plugin for Klarna for the e-commerce system VirtueMart. Klarna was far from advertising campaigns with Snoop Dogg and Lady Gaga at this time and only worked in Sweden. However, Klarna grew rapidly and we continued to develop the plugin for newer versions. If you use VirtueMart today with the clear as payment method, there is a high chance that it is our plugin that is used.


The golden age of e-commerce

Perhaps the golden age for reputable webshops before platforms like Amazon and Shopify took over large parts of the market. Everyone who had something to sell wanted a webshop. In order to facilitate primarily for ourselves but later also for others, we developed a component that built our favorite framework Uikit with the e-commerce component VirtueMart. This was renamed to the sexy name VMuikit and it works extremely effectively to easily build a great e-commerce site.


Safety first

Joomla is not only suitable for external web but also intranet is popular to build with the platform. Even though we have previously built intranets for different companies, this year we will land a real heavyweight. Moderaterna decides to create a new intranet and this requires even more robust security around the site than we needed to build before. On the one hand, a security company is hired to find any shortcomings before launch and on the other hand, we are developing a bank ID login for Joomla.


Best in the world

2017 probably contains the single biggest moment in Joomla's proud history. Our site for Nintendo Nordic is named the world's best company site built on joomla voted by the world's leading joomla expertise. Although we have not forgotten to remind anyone of this since then, it is still a great achievement that we are happy to talk about. It was also a confirmation that our web projects are of the highest class.


The hunt for the perfect server

With self-sufficiency at the top, we entered 2018 with many new ideas and exciting projects ahead of us. During the year we upgraded our server environment for our customers. Ever since its inception, we have hosted various sites. At first, simpler pages on our own web server, but over the years we began to help configure dedicated servers for customers with high demands and also help optimize external servers for joomla pages. In 2018, we switched to new stronger and better servers and added a server solutions page that was added to our ecosystem of services. While this may be the least interesting read in our timeline, the pages we run have never gone faster than after this change.


Culture Youth Project

Another great year in the joomla professional world where many of our special areas could be combined in one project. KulturUngdom, an association that distributes cultural support from the Västra Götaland region, needed a new website. Through the experience from our many components we previously built, we were able to develop a system adapted to their process for receiving and handling applications. In addition, this was fully integrated into Joomla. The page also contains a news archive and the layout has been developed to suit their rather demanding target group. Like the icing on the cake, it is run on one of our dedicated servers.

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What happened to 2015?

Anyone who is attentive sees that we missed 2015 in the timeline and perhaps wonders what we did then? The truth is, we did what we do every year. Builds websites, web shops, components and plugins for our customers.

Since its inception, we have worked with over 300 different customers within the most imaginable. From real estate in Florida to dog daycare in Ullared. We have come in contact and helped entrepreneurs with great visions and worked with specialized companies in the most specialized industries.

The timeline follows the biggest and most spectacular events, but we also want to take the opportunity to pay attention to all the less glamorous projects we have worked on over the years. Here we have gathered some of the well-known and many less well-known customers we have worked with over the years. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla name and logo are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

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