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Maxi Menu CK UIkit Override Theme

This is a UIkit 3 theme for Maxi Menu CK. It makes it easy to YOOtheme Pro templates with Maxi Menu CK to create "mega menues" and other features of the great Maxi Menu CK extensio...

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 15 (3 months)

VirtueMart One Page Checkout

This is a One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 3 that will work with most regular payment methods in Virtuemart. It comes with a modern mobile friendly design (responsive) and it is bu...

Latest Version: 2.2.53
€ 20 (3 months)

VirtueMart Klarna Checkout Enhanced (API v2)

Payment module for Klarna Checkout for VirtueMart with enhanced features. We have built this plugin in close corporation with the Klarna headoffice in Stockholm....

Latest Version: 4.5
€ 5 (1 years)

VirtueMart Klarna Checkout Enhanced (API v3)

Payment module for Klarna Checkout (for Klarna API v3) for VirtueMart with enhanced features. We have built this plugin in close corporation with the Klarna headoffice in Stockholm...

Latest Version: 1.2
€ 5 (1 years)

Simple Open Graph Management

Set Open Graph settings per Menu Item in Joomla with this simple component/plugin.

Latest Version: 1.0.0
€ 30 (6 months)

Secure Joomla Login

Today’s web is full of hackers and robots trying to access your websites for all kinds of reasons. That’s why its important to have security in all levels. Joomla have by defau...

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 25 (6 months)

Steemit Joomla Feed

Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. This is a product to show you Steemit feed in your Joomla CMS website....

Latest Version: 1.0.3
€ 25 (6 months)

VirtueMart E-mail / Invoice Enhanced

This plugin overrides the standard VirtueMart e-mail confirmation and PDF invoice with new variants with better layout. There are also a few more configuration possibilities....

Latest Version: 1.3
€ 30 (3 months)

VirtueMart Widgetkit Content Plugin

Use VirtueMart as content source for Widgetkit 2.x. You can either choose to load VirtueMarts products or categories inside any Widgetkit.

Latest Version: 2.0.4
€ 40 (6 months)

VMuikit Offcanvas Shopping Cart

This is a addon for the VMuikit package. It adds a offcanvas shopping cart that slides in from the right.

Latest Version: 2.1.1
€ 55 (6 months)

VirtueMart Unifaun Shipment Plugin

This is a plugin that integrates Unifaun (and PostNord) with your VirtueMart shop. It creates and active integration for very easy and quick handling of shipping. Unifaun is a TM (...

Latest Version: 1.4
€ 65 (6 months)

Developer Package - One Year License - All plugins

One year developer access for ALL our plugins/components. Full access to Ticket Support for all.

€ 300 (1 years)

Electroneum Donate Plugin

With this Joomla plugin you can easily add a simple Electroneum Donation form that is integrated with Electroneums Instant Payment API.

Latest Version: 1.0.1
(Free Download)

HikaShop Electroneum Payment

This is a payment plugin for HikaShop to integrate the Electroneum Instant Payment API. Sell products with HikaShop and let your customers pay and checkout with Electroneum....

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 25 (1 years)

J2Store Electroneum Payment

Get the Electroneum Instant Payment Plugin for your Joomla / J2Store ecommerce platform. Simpe installation and configuration. Make sure you get your Vendor API data from https://m...

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 25 (1 years)

JoomDonation Electroneum Payment

Electroneum Instant Payment for Joomlas leading donation extension. JoomDonation is powerful, features rich, easy to use Joomla donation extension. It allows you to collect donors...

€ 25 (1 years)

RD-Subscription Electroneum Payment

Selling software with RD-Subscription for Joomla CMS? Would you like to join the revolution of digital money with Electroneum? This plugin enables you to offer Electroneum payments...

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 25 (1 years)

VirtueMart Electroneum Payment Method

A VirtueMart payment method for the Electroneum Instant Payment API Easy to setup and configure to your Electroneum Vendor API data. Its been tested with several templates....

Latest Version: 1.1
(Free Download)

VirtueMart Electroneum Prices

Show Electroneum (ETN) prices in your VirtueMart eCommerce site. Plugins displays automatically prices on the product details and cart page of VirtueMart. IT will convert your curr...

Latest Version: 1.1
(Free Download)


The easy point of sale platform for your store. Set up quickly, get paid and grow with iZettle simple point-of-sale app. Now with integration to VirtueMart....

Latest Version: 1.1
€ 150 (1 years)

VMuikit 4 (UIkit 2)

VMuikit is a full UIkit override for VirtueMart e-commerce. This version is for YOOtheme Warp 7 / UIkit 2 templates.

Latest Version: 4.7.0
€ 75 (6 months)

VMuikit 5 (UIkit 3)

VMuikit is a full UIkit override for VirtueMart e-commerce. This version is for YOOtheme PRO / UIkit 3 templates

Latest Version: 1.0.6 - CE
€ 75 (6 months)

BankID Joomla Login

BankID is a very secure login method for the Swedish region. This plugin makes your website or parts of your website only accessible for users with a valid Personal Identity Number...

Latest Version: 1.0
€ 150 (1 years)
VAT may apply to EU orders.

Latest News from JoomlaPro.com

VMuikit 5 is finally out!

Our next version of our popular VMuikit package is out. This time we have some quite nice new features.

Electroneum Joomla/VirtueMart plugins

JoomlaPro.com are not only web & Joomla enthusiast, we cannot stay away from checking other tech trends as well. The last few years its been hard to miss the crypto/blockchain ...

New plugin: Secure Joomla Login

We have released a new plugin that adds a extra PIN code and a reCaptcha v2 check on Joomlas login. Security is very important on all fronts of a website. One often missed one is ...

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