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In this blog we will give you updates about our extensions for Joomla, YOOtheme and VirtueMart.

Joomla BankID secure login for Sweden

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Today we release our new Joomla plugin that integrated the security function BankID (available in Sweden) to secure your Joomla website only to specific "Personal Identity Numbers".

New e-mail and invoice layout for VirtueMart

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Today we released a new extension for VirtueMart. It’s a simple plugin that overrides the confirmation email and PDF invoice layouts with new once.

We welcome VMuikit to its new home!

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VMuikit have been in the making for over 3 years and seen lots of updates since then. Quite recently it got support for the new YOOtheme PRO (UIKit3) templates which adds a new exciting dimension of use.

Maxi Menu CK for Joomla with YOOtheme Pro? Sure you can!

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Maxi Menu CK with YOOtheme Pro (Uikit 3)

The Maxi Menu CK has become the standard for Joomla CMS when a “mega menu” is needed. What is a “mega menu” then? Well its usually a multi row and multi column menu that drops down from the main menu. The columns can include multiple menu items and even images/modules.

Kunena template built on UIkit 3 (for YOOtheme Pro)

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Kunena UIkit Template (for YOOtheme Pro)

We are now releasing our Kunena template that is 100% built on the Uikit 3 framework. As usual we had demand for this for our own products and though we add it for sale to the public. It’s taken two months to develop and we hope you will enjoy it.

K2 with YOOtheme Pro template? Yes you can!

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K2 with YOOtheme templates

One of the most popular extensions for K2 - giving Joomla a super nice content creation kit and a simple frontend editing capabilities now works with YOOtheme templates. Its a override plugin that has override for all features of the K2 frontend views, modules and functions. Even the frontend editing forms has UIkit override.

Welcome to

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We have been developing extensions for Joomla and VirtueMart since 2012 and have had a few for purchase/download on a number of websites. In 2017 we decided to create one hub for the best extensions we have to make it easier to manage for us and for you.

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