Old Changelogs VMuikit

VMuikit 4.x (Joomla 3.x)


- Email Customer note field added if published
- Shipment rates displayed wrong in product details and category page
- New param added - "Add to cart" behaviour
- Hide prices issue fixed


- Lots of minor CSS clean up.
- Added CSS3 animation on product images
- Fixed ZOOM function (inbox zoom for better touch functionality)
- Fixes for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.
- New CSS and layouts for Order list, Account Maintenance and User Edit views.


"After many suggestions directly from our subscribers we fixed a lot of small CSS code"
- Lots of minor CSS clean up.


- First release for YOOtheme PRO and UIkit 3.

VMuikit 3.x (Joomla 3.x)


- Clean up of backend


- Schema.org (Rich Snippets) Added for rating on Google
- Product Zoom issue fixed
- WidgetKit plugin sql error fixed
- Multi variant not working issue fixed
- Badge not showing in list view issue fixed


- Support for VirtueMart 3.0.18+
- Added param for free product - displaying no price.
- Minor layout and css fixes.


- Stock level added in Product details page.
- Single product price in VMuikit onepage issue fixed.
- IE alignment issues fixed in Internet Explorer 11.
- Tested with Latest virtumart version
- Manufacturer Menu Ordering added. Controlable via backend params.
- Paypal Express checkout issue fixed in VMuikit One Page.


- No more mootools calls
- CSS layout fixes
- Coupon issue fixed in normal layout
- Captcha added in checkout process at normal layout
- Url problem fixed for multiple language in widgetkit


- "Hide Category If empty" Not working on Virtuemart frontpage - issue fixed
- Template Override for Sublayouts Not working - Issue Fixed
- Mega Menu Cluster Issue Fixed.
- Custom Fields not working Properly - Issue Fixed
- Pagination not showing in Latest versions - Issue Fixed
- Discount amount updated while product update on Vmuikit Onepage- Feature Added

3.2.1 (Stable)

- Updated SEO function to behave a little better when choosing keywords (was som issues with - . and other characters.
- New better ressponsive Email confirmation override.

These updates are done in 3.1.7 too. But you should start to use 3.2.x series if you can. Do a backup and test.

3.2.0 (BETA)

- We have removed the whole package of MoWebSo (created by Eugen and later bought by Virtuemart team) reducing the number of files in total package from 422 to 117!

We are now using just regular Joomla override system. This will increase some speed (not as extreme as one might have thought but some speed increase is there and many redundant files are now gone for a much cleaner install. Some have intalled this already and we are waiting for some input before we remove the BETA tag.

If you use overrides then you cannot just upgrade to this version. You will need to change you override files to work with this new coding structure. Its not big changes and some of your overrides will probably just work. But again be careful. Take backup and test on a DEV server first and make sure everything is working good.


- This is the last version of 3.1.x series. We will however fix important bugs in this one if they come up. We made a few minor CSS changes in this version only. This might get more updates and we will write about them when they happen. But its a really stable package for sure.


- New param for MEga Menu icon size (16, 24, 32 and 48 pixels).
- New HTML orderconfirmation template override for a very simple but good looking email layout.
- Minor fixes for 3.0.14 that was reported in forum.
- Minor CSS and JS fixes


- Layout changes in Product List view.
- Manufacturer description in top of Manufacturer product listing (good for Google SEO and a nice presentation of the brand.)
-Huge project and went through all pages with w3c validator for better validation.
-Fixed and tested for PHP7 and Joomla 3.5.
-Add margin for stock Level Graph.
-Add to cart popup close button appear behind the popup css issue fixed.
-MusicTab Layout Tabs Issue Fixed.
-Fix for VMuikit categories and manufacturer parent menu.
-Products Per row (Mobile Layout - new param added in VMuikit settings).
-Added badges to category pages https://youtu.be/jg-hg0HClPI
-Smaller bugs squashed and enhancements (js, php, css).


- VMuikit now support Breakdesign.net Custom Filter latest version.
- Mega Menu animation/alignment issue fixed.
- Relative product add to cart issue fixed in popup.
- New param AdWords tracking code for order confirmation page added in One Page Checkout plugin for display AdWords tracking code in thank you page.
- New param "Stock Level" added in VMuikit for showing stock level as graph or letters.
- Code optimisation done in One Page Checkout for klarna payment module.
- Small alignment issue fixed in One Page checkout.
- Warning issue fixed in vmuikit_override functionality.


- Additional Shopper fields for Klara Added in Onepage.
- "TaxBill" as per country added in  onepage Checkout.
- "DATaxBill" as per country added in  onepage Checkout.
- "Chekcbox lable not displayed in onepage" issue fixed.
- Warning Messages Removed in Virtumart Product Module.
- Rating Not displaying issue fixed.


- New feature VMUikit Mega Menu added
- New Params added for Vmuikit Mega Menu in Vmuikit Configuration
- Klarna Widget added in Product details page.
- Increase Loading Speed of Onepage Checkout.

3.1.0 (Milestone)

Release date 15th dec 2015

- Vmuikit Override system plugin added.
- Thumbnail image rendering problem fixed for latest virtuemart.
- New params added for hide category from listing when category has no products
- 'Loading' text removed from popup.
- Layout changes for list custom fields in product page.


- We fixed small alignment issue in tab if product description is empty.
- Product loading problem in product detail page.
- Added rating star in category view, front page view.
- Changed add to cart button type. So it don't redirect into cart page if we click before page load fully.


- New param added in vmuikit "Show modal on add to cart"
- Login users cant checkout issue fixed
- New param added in onepage "Reload Page while change Country"
- Mimimum purchase Added
- Awocoupon issues fixed
- Klarna reload Issue fixed
- Invalid data issue fixed after login
- Popup freeze issue fixed


- Small css fix after hiding soring panel (div misssing)
- Now possible to override One Page Checkout by adding files to templates/yoo_xxx/html/plg_content_vmuikit_onepage/
- Added UIkit stocklevel bar to category page (turns on off in shipment settings).
- More One Page Checkout improvmentsn (for speed and flexibility)
- Fix for IE 11 layout issue.
- Mobile imporvments. We removed a lot of Javascripts running on mobile. And disabled hove things that is in the way of things. Much fast mobile experience now.


- One page shiping default loading issue fixed.
- Progress bar added
- Forget password/username features added
- Multi variant issue fixed
- Cart price issue fixed (which added with discount)
- Lots of fixes in Onepage Checkout. New layouts to change how wide things should be and also a full width version. Please check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bh2JKvxBI60
- We changed Onepage to support klarna Checkout UK 100%.


- Updates to One Page Checkout for faster loading.
- Default country selection issue fixed
- Jqueyr conflict if cart module not enabled
- Product tab issue fixed


- Fixes for layout with more than 10 images
- Support for BreakDesigns Filter Pro
- Loading added to add to cart (slow servers benefit from this)
- Minor css fixes and javascripts for layouts.


- New javascript grids that aligns things better
- Loading aniamtion on Ask Question dialog
- Minor CSS fixes (mostly small margins here and there)
- Smaller buttons on some areas
- New params in VMuikit component


Initial VMuikit 3 release 3.0.1

- Merged plugin with component for easier upgrade and installation
- New modern UIkit grid layout for products
- Better use of new UIkit functions (please make sure you use new version of your Yootheme template for newer UIkit version).
- New category layout called "Musicshop" with a big product image.
- New list version of the Virtuemart Frontpage
- Thumbnails for multiple product images
- More params in VMuikit Configuration
- New version enhanced One Page Checkout code
- Better Klarna Checkout compatibility


VMuikit 2.0 (Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5)


- Updated the cart to 2.0.3 with ALOT of changes. Please see DEMOS as its too much to list here
- Even tighter Klarna Checkout plugin integration
- Fixed some minor layout things in VMuikit


- Updated One Page Checkout Plugin to 2.0.2
- Zoom z-index fixe on some templates
- Guest and Registered only options for cart.
- Hide coupon code
- New smaller layout changes for cart
- Full Klarna Checkout Enhanced integration with cart
- Added options to hide and show payment/shipment panels in Onepage plugin
- minor CSS fixes for modals and VMuikit
- Hide box/list button group param in VMuikit component


- Added new TRUE One Page Checkout plugin 100% built on UIkit


- Added customer note
- Added "Privacy Policy and Terms of Service" for EU countries
- Shipping address fixes in one page plugin
- Cart popup issue fixed for latest Virtuemart
- Redirect loop issue fixed for ssl site
- Minor fixes


- Fixes for Catalog mode in VM. No prices or "Call for price" buttons.
- CSS fixes for zoom and one page cehckout
- Updated rich snippets and microdata support to be 100% valid
- VM search module with Ajax function + style for Yootheme search position
- Fixed VM Products module so it can show a grid of products
- Added support for additional tabs via custom fields
- Added German language support
- Minor CSS fixes overall


- Added UIkit/Yootheme search override for mod_vm_search. It will work great in search position of Yootheme template
- New Zoom function on products
- New add to cart modal with add to cart button
- Better Print layout
- CSS fixes


- Added new One Page Checkout plugin!
Alot of Notice errors fiexd


- Added function to change box/list -view


- Alot of testing and fixes for Virtuemart 3.0.0 Stable
- 2 new params in VMuikit "Hover Overlay on Category & Hover Overlay on Product"
- Fixes for Related Categories and Products


- Fixes for Manufacturer filtering
- Alot of updates from VMuikit 1


- Alot of updates from VMuikit 1 to this version (see below)
- Fixes for cart
- Spelling errors fixed
- CSS fixes


- Fixes for installation
- Category fixes
- lots of updates from VMuikit 1.0.x converted to this (see below)

Initial release 2.0.1

Initial release

VMuikit 1.0 (Joomla 2.5)


- Fix for Cart module (links sometimes broken)
- Fix for quanity not updating


- Fix for Javascript change in Virtuemart 2.6.12 (add to cart problem). Only plg_mowebso needs updating from 1.1.0


-Some spelling errors fixed
-Minor css adjustments


- Fix for Cart issue


- Added 2 new params in com_vmuikit
- Fix for Internet Explorer issue in category pages.

- Minor css fixes


- Fix for Stockable custom field.
- Fix for a PHP warning issue.
- Fix for custom title show "no" still showing.


- Optimizations with Warp7. Now all js and css files are compressed for much faster loading times of all VMuikit files.
- If prices are hidden then they should not show on category page fixed.
- Minor CSS adjustments for more consistensy on modal windows.


- Fix for "Minimum quanity" is set in product configurations
- More robust code for the Category Module. Fixed strange behaviour on several category levels.


- Added support for show price+add to cart param in products module (featured products)
- Fixed some jquery issues. Note that from this version Virtuemarts Jquery should be loaded. Mowebso jquery should not be loaded.
- Few css fixes


- Added param to show price+addto cart only for registered users in com_vmuikit


- More CSS fixes to Category module
- Minor CSS fixes all over
- Added remove "created by" text via component parameter

1.0.1 (initial stable release)

- Fixes to Category module
- Layout fix for buttons on product page on looong product images
- Cart fix jquery link fix

0.9.4 BETA

- Minor CSS fixes
- Alot of fixes for mod_virtuemart_category overrides. Added animation and som extra logic
- mod_virtuemart_cart has fixed link without id. Problem fixed with Advanced Module Manager.

0.9.3 BETA

- Footer text new div added
- Product details product image modal fixes
- Virtuemart Cart Module link changed to standard cart link

0.9.2 BETA

- CSS fixes for dark styles.

Initial release 0.9.1 BETA

Initial release

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